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Seniors Active Living Centre Staff Member

During the Links2Wellbeing project, George highly valued the connections made with health care providers and other partners in broader community support service agencies, knowing they were all working to advance client wellness together. He also expressed that promoting these connections in rural areas was a substantial factor in making community-based supports accessible to socially isolated clients. He notes that social prescribing programs also helped the Seniors Active Living Centre form new partnerships with health teams in their communities, and to build stronger collaborations with existing partners.

How does a volunteer link ambassador help client wellbeing?


Social prescribing is creating awareness among health professionals who are working closer with us, who have now started talking to their co-workers, and then their co-workers are calling us to find out more. That’s helping to bring the connection between health care and community care a little closer together. We now connect with health care providers on a more regular basis so we're both getting a better understanding of each other's perspective and what each other does. I think this program is helping overall to build stronger collaborations and connections in our community.”

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