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Volunteer Link Ambassador

Rebecca cites her lived experience with loneliness and says that volunteering with older adults helped her be successful as a Volunteer Link Ambassador. Like many other volunteers at her centre, Rebecca felt compelled to give back to her community through volunteering because she personally understands the barriers older adults face from social isolation.


Rebecca saw clients become more comfortable after several calls with her. Being patient and giving clients time by asking what they like doing helped grow close relationships. After establishing trust, Volunteer Link Ambassadors like Rebecca are able to link clients to community-based supports at their centre or with other community agencies.


Both Rebecca and many other Volunteer Link Ambassadors attributed much of their overall success to the supportive environment at their centres, and the training supports provided by the Older Adults Centres' Association of Ontario (OACAO).

Why did you become a volunteer link ambassador?

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I knew what it's like to be a senior living alone, I have a great support system myself, but I realized that, you know some people don't. This program allows me to connect with other people on that level. The managers in this program are diligent and they're always there to offer support. We can ask questions of them at any time.”

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